Download old Citrix Clients List – The most complete one

Looking to download an old but stable Citrix ICA client, Citrix Online Plugin or download Citrix Receiver? You Have come to the right place.

Below you can download old Citrix clients that I was able to gather through the years as Citrix Consultant. I also included some online and offline information where possible. If there is sufficient time, I will also will attempt to indicate possible Stable Versions, based on community feedback, and bugs.

Citrix certainly doesn’t make it easy to let you find a place to download the version you are looking for. The site changes all the time, and articles are removed regularly. And how many Citrix clients are there? And which one is the latest? 

For sure you know a 9-10 of them, right? But did you know, Citrix has released more than 60 versions already for the Windows platform only? This includes limited releases.


LATEST Citrix Receiver 4 versions

These are the LATEST Citrix Receiver 4 versions: (more details see in table at the bottom of the page)

Download Citrix Receiver 4.9 (14.9.02539)
Download Citrix Receiver 4.8 (
Download Citrix Receiver 4.7 (
Download Citrix Receiver 4.6 (
Download Citrix Receiver 4.5 (
Download Citrix Receiver 4.4.1 (14.4.1000.16)
Download Citrix Receiver 4.4 (
Download Citrix Receiver 4.3.1 (
Download Citrix Receiver 4.3.1 (14.3.100)
Download Citrix Receiver 4.3.0 (
Download Citrix Receiver 4.2.100 (
Download Citrix Receiver 4.2 (
Download Citrix Receiver 4.1.200 (
Download Citrix Receiver 4.1.100 (
Download Citrix Receiver 4.1.2 (
Download Citrix Receiver 4.1 (
Download Citrix Receiver 4.0.1 (
Download Citrix Receiver 4.0 (

All older Citrix Receiver versions see in the big table BELOW (wait for table to load)

Keeping the Citrix client versions up-to-date is important to create a stable Citrix Farm. And choosing the right one even more.
More often than not, the Citrix Client upgrade is not the favorite project of a Citrix administrator. 

I won’t go into the details of the most common issues that arise, but we can safely state that Citrix doesn’t have the best reputation when it comes to releasing new Citrix Clients. 

Citrix can and SHOULD improve a lot on some weaker points: uniformity, proper communication on the implemented changes, clear version information, improved installation automatisation and decreased complexity. Citrix developers should also clearly separate bugfixes with new features. Almost every version includes new features, which cause new problems, while the admins just want to have the same client with all bugs fixed.
Personally, I demand Free Citrix Support for anyone having problems with the installation of the client. The attitude “Download it, see if it works, good luck!” is a huge gap in Citrix’ service towards all customers.

An experienced Citrix consultant told me recently that these client deployments have been causing so many headaches in his latest projects, he had to decide to exclude the deployment of the Citrix client from the project scope! The XenApp farm is built, or migrated, but any possible upgrade for the Citrix Client on the corporate desktops is not done by the consultants: “Let the customer desktop support team deal with this mess!” 

In Citrix’ defense, one must know that their clients run on many, many different platforms. And those clients need to cover numerous situations (badly written applications, OS upgrades, hotfixes, updates or service packs, single, dual or very large screens, and a client release should preferably work for all customers worldwide. Seems like a huge challenge!
Then again, the RDP client only has had a handful releases, seems to be rock-stable and works nicely in all these situations? Maybe time to borrow those Microsoft developers for a while?

Another issue I try to deal with here is the lack of information.

Citrix officially only supports the latest version, ánd the one but last release. Which means that by the time the Citrix admins want or need to upgrade their client, older stable version are simply not downloadable anymore from the site. Want to deploy Citrix Receiver 3.2? Bad luck! Citrix has removed the download and related webpages regarding deployment have been taken offline.

Any feedback, additions are welcome. If time allows, I will try to add new clients, also the ones for other OS, and critical information. 


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