Upgrade XenDesktop 7.5 to 7.6 (PART4): Provisioning Services

Upgrade Provisioning Services from version 7.1 to 7.1.3

Due to a reported instability between Provisioning Services 7.5 amd VMware, an upgrade from 7.1 to 7.1.3 was done. This version included hotfix 3 which is NECESSARY to get the full functionality of Cache in device RAM with overflow on hard disk.
It is expected that the upgrade to 7.6 is pretty similar, since not many frontend changes have been done, and the installation process most likely is the same.

1.  Download the patch here:



2.  As to Citrix: Important: This is a full product release. Before installing this update, you must uninstall the Provisioning Services 7.1 base installation, as well as Hotfixes 1 and 2, if present, from the system. n/a
3.  Restart your PVS servers. n/a
4.  Make a snapshot of your PVS servers., backup you database to a location that will not be affected by snapshots. n/a
5. This is the version we are upgrading
6. Run PVS_server_x64.exe
7. Na error message appears. The PVS console needs to be uninstalled first.
8. Open add/remove programs or appwiz.cpl and uninstall the PVS console.
9. Uninstall PVS server 7.1
10. Click yes
11. All is uninstalled, let’s try again.
12. Click next
13. Click next
14. Click next
15. Click next
16. Click Install
17. Click Finish
18. Click OK
19. Click Next
20. Click Next (depending on your previous configuration)
21. Click Next (depending on your previous configuration)
22. Select Join Farm

Click Next

We will reconnect to the farm that was already existing.

23. Click Next

If you had a mirror in place, enter the details of the mirror server. 

24. Click Next
25. Click Next
26. Click Next
27. Click Next (depending on your previous configuration)
28. Click Next (depending on your previous configuration)
29. Click Next (depending on your previous configuration)
30. Click Next
33. Click Next
34. Click Done
35. Now we will upgrade the PVS console.
36. Click Next
37. Click Next
38. Click Next
39. Click Next
40. Click Next
41. Click Install
42. Click Finish
43. Uninstall PVS server (and console) on the second server. Install the new PVS server and console. n/a
44. Open the console preferably on the primary server, log in.

Test the PVS targets and see if the boot process Works.


10x XenDesktop licenses 7.5 -> 7.6
1x License Server 11.11 -> 11.12
2x StoreFront Servers 2.5 -> 2.6
1x PVS Targets with Virtual Delivery Agent 7.5 -> 7.6
2x Provisioning Services Server 7.1 -> 7.1.3

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