Upgrade XenDesktop 7.5 to 7.6 (PART5): Delivery Controllers

Upgrade the Delivery Controller Servers from version 7.5 ( to 7.6 (7.6.x.x)

In PART 5, the last infra is being upgraded: the delivery Controllers.

1.  Check the current version in Add/Remove programs via appwiz.cpl
2.  Shut down both Delivery Controllers  N/a
3.  Make an offline VMware snapshot of all Delivery Controllers.  N/a
4.  Check your mirrored database. Are the 3 databases (or 1) Principal and Synchronized, indicating that changes are replicated to the mirror, on the principal server. 

5. I prefer doing the upgrade with the database running on the principal server. If it is running on the mirror server, you can do Task > mirror > failover.

Accept the message by clicking yes

6. Should you see warnings and errors, try to reboot the servers again.

Tip: We noticed the test generates a lot of errors which mysteriously disappeared when we upgraded the License. So make sure your Citrix Licenses were upgraded to an SA later than the release date before performing this step.

If you need more troubleshooting run the Tool XenDesktop Site Diagnostics XDSiteDiag.exe, and XDPing.exe to find inconsistencies.

7. Verify the version of both Delivery Controllers.
8. Connect directly to the console via your hypervisor, and run autoselect.exe
9. Select Studio and server components. The StoreFront upgrade is normally not part of the deal, but I have storefront installed as well.
10. Select accept and click next
11. Select I’m ready, click Next
12. Click Next
13. Click upgrade
15. Select Start the automatic Site upgrade
16. Select I am ready to update
17. Great it worked. Click Close
18. The console displays a message to upgrade the remaining sites. Close the console.
19. Log on to the other Delivery Controller, and run the same upgrade. n/a
20. Assuming the last one is upgraded, select open Console.
21. The console notices you have just upgraded the Delivery Controller and the database was already upgraded.
22. A Windows appears and if disappears when all went fine. The Delivery Controllers have been upgraded. n/a
23.  You may reboot the servers. n/a

10x XenDesktop licenses 7.5 -> 7.6
1x License Server 11.11 -> 11.12
2x StoreFront Servers 2.5 -> 2.6
1x PVS Targets with Virtual Delivery Agent 7.5 -> 7.6
2x Provisioning Services Server 7.1 -> 7.1.3
2x Delivery Controllers 7.5-> 7.6

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