Softgrid Downloads

Application Virtualization (App-V) used to be a product called SoftGrid, before Microsoft bought it. 

I still think the old name is way cooler to have on your resume. For HR people and headhunters who don’t know what it is, it sounds very much like “The Matrix”. For sure better when it comes to salary negotiations! Wink

Here are some SoftGrid downloads, still downloadable from the Microsoft pages.



SoftGrid Server

SoftGrid Server Setup 90 MB

SoftGrid Clients

SoftGrid Client for Windows 2000/XP 17 MB

SoftGrid Client for Windows Vista 17 MB

SoftGrid Client for Terminal Services 17 MB

SoftGrid Sequencer

SoftGrid Sequencer for Windows 2000/XP 12 MB

SoftGrid Sequencer for Windows Vista 12 MB

SoftGrid Utilities

MSI Utility for Microsoft Application Virtualization 8 MB